Saturday, March 7, 2009

Il primo post - The first post (Italiano - English)

Come iniziare un blog ?
Cosa scrivere come primo post ?

Forse la cosa migliore è scrivere qualcosa su cosa poter trovare nel Blog.

Le mie passioni sono molte e per tale motivo non sono un esperto di nessun argomento in particolare. In questo periodo, comunque, l'astronomia occupa una parte molto importante dei miei interessi e quindi, principalmente, qui si potranno trovare informazioni su tale argomento.

Essendo la nascita di questo blog ispirata principalmente dalla partecipazione al progetto GalaxyZoo, (andare ai links per ulteriori informazioni) i posts, per quanto possibile, saranno scritti anche in Inglese (o qualcosa di simile all'Inglese). Un saluto a tutti i membri dello Zoo e le scuse anticipate per il mio terribile Inglese.



How to start a blog ?
What write in the first post?

Probably the best start is to explain what it's possible to find in the Blog.

I have a lot of passions and for that reason I'm not an expert of any particular argument. Anyway, in this period astronomy was the major issue and for that reason the dominant part of the blog will be about that.

The born of that blog was inspired from my participation to GalaxyZoo project (links provided for more informations) and I'll try to write the posts even in English (or something similar). A big 'hi' to all the members of the Zoo and my apologies for my terrible English.



Hanny said...

Hey Half, your English is very understandable (for this Dutch girl), so compliments for doing this in a foreign language! Have fun with your blog. ;)

Infinity said...

Hey great to see and read, I'll be back :)

Tom said...

Well done, Half. I look forward to more.

Pat said...

Well done on the beginning of your blog Half. :) I will be looking forward to reading it. And thanks for putting up both the Italian and the English translation it may help me learn a bit of Italian along the way. :D

Alice said...

Hello again Half, this must be my sixth attempt to leave a comment, but it is worth trying again and again to say how glad I am you have started blogging. Your second post looks interesting too. I really look forward to seeing what you write! See you at the zoo!
xx Alice